What is a difference between coaching and therapy?

Having been a Therapist and a Life Coach, lots of people ask me questions about the difference between a Coach and a Therapist. Anthony Robbins had a great piece explaining it. He defines Life Coaching as designed to help people grow, no matter which area of like that is: ambitious people will get more done, goals-setting will be done in realistic and objective way; if you need help in dating or understanding your relationships, we will set new standards and guide you toward the relationship that is healthy and puts give and take above everything.

By addressing personal and professional problems, life coaches are able to clarify goals and focus on breaking patterns that are causing their clients to get stuck on
their paths to success.

As both of them ouse on faulty base.

As a PhD Therapist who specializes in Gestalt therapy, I am adding NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach skills. I am also a Reiki Master and, at times, I will use art therapy and even tarot therapy tools, to help clients see the situation from a remote standpoint.

I position my services in the top portion with a quick twist on the therapist side simply for a minor clean up before being able to focus on the future. Just like when you do kitchen renovations, you must gut out the old kitchen before you install the new one!